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Kimbrell Brothers Construction

1 (864) 612-6514      |      Simpsonville, SC     |      [email protected]

Materializing your Dream

Kimbrell Brothers Construction is here to help your dream become a reality! Bring your own design and plans or work with one of our experts to make your dreams a reality. We use the latest technology to design and render a 3D model of your project. Capturing your vision is the first step in bringing your project to life. Kimbrell Brothers Construction can handle the mechanical, structural, and electrical needs of your projects. Relax with Kimbrell Brothers Construction, you can rest easy knowing we have got you covered.

Kimbrell Brothers Construction specializes in residential remodels, additions, and new construction. On our commercial and industrial side we specialize in all things electrical. 

What makes us the Best

Kimbrell Brothers Construction has extensive knowledge in a variety of  skilled trades. Our knowledge will ensure whatever project you have in mind will be done right, on time, and in budget.

Our internal company values of Leadership, Planning, Job Performance, and Project Management allow us to be the best in the industry, both in residential, commercial and industrial construction.

Providing the BEST QUALITY of service

for your project.


Customer Feedback     

Great work, they got the job done in a timely manor.

Steven G.

Kimbrell brothers does excellent work, they built me a deck and a screened in porch.

Kristen K.

I want you to know that Kimbrell Brothers Construction completed a job that someone else started months earlier, they came in and took over the job and had the job finished in a timely manor. Not only did they continue to finish the Job but they did extra stuff on the job that the company should of charged for but did not. I can honestly say they are 100% the best I have seen, so if you want someone to come out and give you a decent quote and do the job correctly and timely you could not ask for a better company 

Patty R.